Linux Backup

Following blog is a list of links about backup tools available on Linux:

Backup articles:

Backup Tools:


Using tar to backup:
tar cvpzf backup.tgz –exclude=/etc/fstab –exclude=/boot –exclude=/proc –exclude=/lost+found –exclude=/backup.tgz –exclude=/mnt –exclude=/sys /
To Restore:
tar xvpfz backup.tgz -C /

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Linux Networking

Linux networking notes:

> netstat -an | grep “LISTEN “

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Microsoft Exchange and iPhone synchronization


This blog is collection of info I gathered while trying to connect iPhone to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 running on Windows SMB Server 2003.



Open port 443 (SSL) Sonicwall. Use PortQryUI tool from both intranet and from outside to verify that port 443 is open and that IIS is listening to the port (see below).

IIS Manager Configuration

Exchange Server external access is configured in IIS Manager.

To configure IIS, start with Alan Hardisty excellent tutorial and follow it in all details. Use ActiveSync Tester and Exchange Remote Connectivity Tester from both intranet and from outside to verify configuration and diagnose any problems. After a lot of attempt the last problem needed to be fixed is addressed in article HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error Message When You Use Outlook Web Access to Connect to Your Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Mailbox.

iPhone Configuration


Installing certificate to Default Web Site is quite straightforward. I purchased it from You have to remove any existing certificates (if they are not valid), export it first in case something goes wrong. Then start certificate wizard, generate the key, go to your CA website, paste the key when asked, and few minutes later you will receive your certificate. Start the certificate wizard again, and process the pending certificate request be installing the certificate file you received from CA authority.  See following links for details:

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